Monday, August 17, 2009

Rotary Candy Downstain

We've got a big Friday night bash in store for you. We're teaming up with our good friends and humans in Rotary Downs for one of their infamous D.B.A. shows. Those of you who have been to a Rotary Downs D.B.A. show know that it involves large doses of music, even larger doses of alcohol, and sometimes the transformation of the band into killer mutant rockers.

We'll be playing a short set from about 10 to about 10:45. We'll blow your minds and then Rotary Downs will wipe up the peices. Complimentary towels will be provided.

I (Michael) will also be filling out the keyboard parts with Rotary Downs that night, so somebody remember to pick me up and bring me home after I collapse from the marathon of music.

So bring your friends, bring your wallet (or bring your friend's wallet), and bring a ride home, because this will prove to be one hell of a night out on Frenchman street.

See you out and about and don't hesitate to drop us a line.


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