Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Howdy folks!

Stephen, here... again... I know it hasn't even been an hour since I last posted... but we've been short on words for a while and this is great news. We've gotten two GLITTERING reviews in the past couple of days.

The first is right --> here <-- and is a wonderful one about our recent EP, "Hey Kid."

"[...]Hey Kid is a frenzied reverie swept up in a world of bliss, bedlam, spiky new wave and knifing prog rock. After luring you in with a liquid guitar and a chorus of “aahs,” it’s off to a world of ringing sirens, spacey synths, grinding guitars and explosive drums[...]

Convinced? Go fucking get it somewhere. I don't really remember where that is... Anyways, much thanks to Aaron LaFont over at

The second review right over --> there <-- is by Raymond over at the Austin, TX Culture blog Southside Sanctuary. We recently played in Austin over the past weekend at a cool little bar called Trophy's, which, btw, does NOT sell liquor!!! I forgive them, though. I was told it's dumfoundingly expensive to get the TWO licenses it takes to be what I call a regular bar.... rambling... Apparently we played a good show and people actually liked it.

"[...] I’d give BRCM a confident vote [...]"

A vote for Big Rock is a vote for America. Thanks, dude!

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