Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday May 4, 2009!

Today is Michael's birthday. Let us reflect on some of the great things from the past year that made him the great man he is today...

Ah yes. This one is still vivid in my memory. Michael was desperately attempting to listen. To anything. The day everything went silent. I feared for his and our lives that day. Mike was both screaming and listening in an effort to create a feedback loop to break the chain of no-sound. I believe he was successful. Thank you, Michael, for your wit and intellect saved us all.


Here he is, getting assaulted by one of the many women who affirm his manhood on a daily basis with needing embraces, searching kisses, screams of longing, tears of joy...


The day Michael Girardot single-handedly brought down Skynet with a ripping air guitar solo. The sun had never been so bright. There was a crowd of millions present as Konig-Skynet ver. 1.04.003 transformed into a toaster oven, so as to break bread. A glorious day it was. The 2nd Judgment Day. Never Forget.


Here he is.
A hero. A gentleman. A magician. A lover. A warrior. A man. A hero. A hero.


A happy birthday, indeed!
Cheers To Michael Girardot!

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