Thursday, April 23, 2009

Female Gossip & Lafayette

So we shared the same bill with two really awesome acts: Girl Talk and The Peekers. Needless to say it was a pretty badass show. Only had a chance to take a few pictures of the show but whoever didn't go to that show missed out on some crazy shenanigans.

This is how much are fans love us.

The Peekers

Girl Talk, there was a lot of people... and toilet paper.

So the next day, we ended up going to Lafayette to play at Artmosphere, a cool bar/diner/hookah cafe that has a small stage but has a very intimate vibe. Ya know... getting close with the audience kind of vibe. Of course we leave New Orleans during rush hour and shit ensues. We also got a lady friend to snap a few pictures of us and a few of the patrons who were digging the show. Blah Blah blah!

Stephen broke his tuner on his bass. Shmuck.
Then these two dudes busted out a djembe and started playing with us.
Andrew... what a dick.
This chick never left Mike's side.

As the evening winded down... it was late and everybody was tired yet still on that aftershow high. So what does any other band do after a show? Drink... and wear sunglasses at night.
We will fuck you with our eyeballs.

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  1. I think maybe we should get a video editing program. Although this video does show thee interesting things.

    1. How bad of a driver I am
    2. How profane andrew is
    3. How many people paul knows that drive down City Park Ave. at 5 o'clock.