Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Carrollton Station Picture Takin

Ladies and Gentleman,

Our dear friend Zack Smith, photographer and drummer extraordinaire, has this fantastic gadget called a lightbox that he's bringing to our show at Carrolton Station. I'll quote from an e-mail he sent out yesterday.

"I will be setting up a very unique portrait project this Saturday, August 29th - on the 4 year Anniversary of Katrina.

I have customized an old sign to become a portrait light box and will be photographing individual faces at a show in New Orleans. This is not just any show, this collection of fairly new New Orleans rock ensembles exemplifies the new influx of experimental, and unique rock bands Post-K. I think this fresh scene is just at it's beginning, and i will be there to shoot the faces of this renaissance.

Come be a part of it - if only to pass by and get photographed if you are in the neighborhood or to witness these bands.:

Zack Smith

This is the first installment of a series called "Rock Portraits," and he's going to collect all of the portraits and display them in one large format shot.   Us boys in BRCM were pretty excited about this, Zack Smith is a pretty awesome friend of ours, and we love getting our picture taken by him, and that picture he took with the lightbox looks pretty cool. However, what the f#$@ is a lightbox?

We really have no clue.   
Come to the show and find out.

Saturday, Aug 29th
Free Pitcher Takin


  1. I've seen this "box." It's actually just a distraction/diversion for Zack to steal your wallet while he macks on your girlfriend.
    I've seen it done, it's not pretty.