Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A sad day for some friends

Silent Cinema, another local band we know recently had much of their gear stolen. Please read this and let them know if you have any information.


Hello Friends,

many of you know we were robbed of a large portion of our gear this
weekend in New Orleans, and we are on a mission to retrieve it. We
asking anyone with any information or any connections to local music
stores, pawnshops, or mob bosses, to help us out.

main concern is playing, even if its with borrowed equipment, as much
as we planned to. We really are close to our equipment and do not have
much money to cover the losses. The easiest and most fun way to help
us, should you feel so inclined, would be to come out and see us this
Saturday the 18th at One Eyed Jacks. We will be selling our CD,s
T-shirts, and a special digital download of everything we've ever
recorded, including a good deal of unreleased stuff.

In any case, here is what was stolen:

Vox Valvetronix VT 100W 2x12 Guitar Amp. This is one of the new models
with the silver metal grill. The serial number ends in 604.

Ampeg SVT410HLF Bass Cabinet (500W 4x10) When stolen, this still had
the custom red and orange grill cloth we used on our amps for a while.
Hopefully someone is dumb enough to try to sell it with the cloth still
on. Its also missing a caster.

3. Ampeg SVT3PRO Bass Amplifier Head (450W)

4. Fender RT1000 Guitar and Bass Rackmount Tuner

5. Alesis 3630 Compressor

previous three items were stolen in a basic Road Ready rack case. Once
again hopefully someone is dumb enough to try to sell this all at once.

6. Epiphone 2003 Sheraton II. Its the sunburst one, and I.took the pickguard off.

7. Boss Digital Delay DD-3 Pedal

8. Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb Pedal (the larger model, not the newer nano)

9. Ernie Ball VP JR. Volume Pedal

10. Digitech HardWire Series CM-2 Tube Overdrive Pedal

11. Dunlop DC Brick Multi-Power Supply

five previous items were attached with industrial velcro to a custom
built red and white wooden pedalboard, So if you come across more than
one of these pedals, and there's remnants of white velcro on the
bottoms, let us know.

12. Fender Stage 112 Combo Amp

again for reading. Feel free to forward this to any blogs,
publications, music stores, pawn shop workers, etc that you might know.
Feel free to post it to your facebook, myspace, twitter etc. If you
know who is in possession of our equipment, feel free to fax us their
name, address, phone number, and a list of their worst fears.


Silent Cinema


We hope they recover their shit, and whoever stole it wakes up missing their fingers. Please help if you can.


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