Friday, May 29, 2009

Tour Tour Tour

Hello Friends,

Yesterday we embarked on our 4 day mini-tour. So far its been pretty great. We played the Howlin' Wolf northshore last night. The venue is pretty awesome, and the people were a little fun, but a bit weird. While we were leaving, we were lucky enought to hear someone say "If we didn't have the same parents, I'd totally do my sister... My sister is f@$!%ing hot." But most of the poeple in Mandeville were pretty cool, so what can I say.

The Junior League, who we played with last night was pretty good, check them out if you get a chance.

So.... Today we were woken up to an exterminator asking where the bees were in the house we were staying at. We didn't know where the bees were, until we walked outside on the porch, where there were a swarm of bees. We considered cancelling the tour because of the swarm of bees, but have since decided to brave the bees and go on.

Today we head to Houston to play with MyNameIsJohnMichael and the Riff Tiffs at Mango's

Then we're off to Lafayette on Saturday to play Geronimo Festival. Its an all day, all night, one of a kind indie music festival in Lafayette. The music scene in Lafayette has some really great bands. If your Saturday is free, you should make the trek over to Lafayette, and catch some awesome music.

And last but not least, were heading to Hammond on Sunday to play the The Indy. Apparently this will be the last show at Indy, because of all of the noise complaints they've been getting. We'll make sure to play super loud to send it off in style.

Soo.... more pictures, more videos, and more stories to come later. We hope you have a great day and a great weekend.

Michael, Paul, Stephen, Andrew, and Mark
Of Big Rock Candy Mountain

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