Friday, May 8, 2009

CD Release Tomorrow - CD Preview Today

Hello Friends and Fellows,

Tomorrow we release our baby of many months out into the wild. We've toiled long in the studio making something that you might enjoy rocking out to in your car. Tomorrow night at 10 pm ant Tipitina's we celebrate it being done and being finished, and you can take a copy of the CD home with you.

We've put up a sneak preview of the album online, which you can listen today at And for those of you who can't make it to the show, you can buy the songs at the bandcamp site starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we're very excited to have our friends in The Blue Party (10 o'clock) and The Revivalists (11 o'clock) playing with us (Midnight) as well. Its a special show for them as quite a few of them are graduating that morning.

So come out to Tipitina's, spend $7 on getting in, $5 on the new Big Rock Candy Mountain CD, and have a great time celebrating with us this Saturday night.

-Sincerely, Fondly, and Eloquently,
Big Rock Candy Mountain

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