Monday, April 13, 2009

Bang Bang Breakthru!

Hello fickel nuckers!

The lovely DJ Lottie at Breakthrough Radio and her "never ending quest to introduce some of the most mind blowing, toe tapping, head nodding, tongue twisting music out there!" has brought her to New Orleans. Her latest edition of Spotlight on The City features a shitload of NOLA fuckers, including yours truly, playing Bang Bang!

You should listen to it here and here and here and here and here

00:00 Spotlight on New Orleans, Louisiana!
00:41 New Orleans-The New Orleans Bingo! Show
04:44 Happy Hour-Good Guys
06:16 Sunny Days-The Revivalists
12:08 Natchez-Big Blue Marble
15:42 Spotlight on New Orleans, Louisiana!
16:15 Bricks-Hurray For The Riff Raff
19:38 Fly Away-Hurray For The Riff Raff
22:30 Hello Halo-Blair
25:41 Hearts-Blair
29:26 Spotlight on New Orleans, Louisiana!
29:48 Adeiu, Adeiu-The Pharmacy
32:47 ***** Bang Bang-Big Rock Candy Mountain ***** WOW!!!!!!
37:04 For You Girl-The Bally Who?
40:59 Night-Buttons
45:49 The Whole Town Was Watching-Smiley With A Knife
50:08 This is Where We Blaze the Nuggets-Caddywhompus
53:52 Waterfall-Quintron
57:58 Spotlight on New Orleans, Louisiana!
58:40 Oyster-Silent Cinema
65:15 Regulated Hedging Mechanism-Metronome The City
69:07 The Honky Tank-The Bad Off
72:19 Pierre Pressure-The New Orleans Bingo! Show
74:28 Little Toys On A Shelf-The Pharmacy
78:08 Spotlight on New Orleans, Louisiana!
78:42 Tchernopuppie-Magnetic Ear

Wow. that took way too long to link everything... If you haven't heard of any of these artists, check them out. I'm serious. DJ Lottie put a set of truly amazing artists together, and they're all worth a listen. so listen.


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